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Terms and Conditions for AXE Clan Members

1. The Rules and Regulations of the Axelerated Gaming Clan has to adhered to at all times.
2. The Rules currently provided, to be provided, amended, altered or changed will be adhered to at all times
3. The members actions, conduct, words and interactions online and offline are expected to be of honorable, mature, disciplined, focused and continuously positive in nature. Strive to be an example to all.
4. Mediocre actions, thoughts, words, or interactions are not good enough. Strive to be awesome always.
5. Your leaders in the Clan, any game, event, sport, interaction or workplace has to be respected.
6. Any form of pride, rebellion, selfishness, aggression or spite will not be tolerated.
7. Your teams are Your friends. Your focus. Your support. Protect each other and support one another. Help each other grow.
8. No member will be allowed to make anyone else's gaming experience unpleasant. If you find anything disrupting or aggravating that someone else does, approach an admin or leader to sort it out. DO NOT TAKE THINGS INTO YOUR OWN HANDS! that usually makes things worse.
9. Always communicate with your fellow members and leaders. Never assume anything.
10. AXE Gaming is more than just a clan. No action that makes the AXE name bad will be tolerated
11. If you carry a VAC, DGL or any other League ban for cheating you will not be allowed into AXE or be part of AXE inter clan activates. If you carry a ban and you feel its unfair or not cheat related advise an admin with proof.
12. If you expect user misconduct or cheating you are expected to report the member. Failure to do so will lead to disciplinary proceedings or an AXE ban from the clan.
13. The monthly financial contributions has to be adhered to for the support of the clan. This info will be provided by the AXE Admins.
14. No cheating allowed. Cheating is considered the use on any program, add-on, plug in, code or device that aids in normal game play or enhances any capability.
15. AXE Rules of Conduct, Rules, Direction or Implementation must always be adhered too.
16. Never react in aggression, agitation or manipulation. Get a superior to assist if you are not capable to contain yourself or your actions.
17. AXE will look after you, if you look after AXE.
18. Life is Game! Play it.

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