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  1. Favourite ISPs and Internet connections of Netflix users in South Africa

    MyBroadband’s Piracy and Streaming Survey for 2017 has revealed that many tech-savvy South Africans subscribe to streaming services.
  2. Telkom launches Unlimited Business ADSL and fibre plans

    Telkom has launched a new uncapped offering aimed at local businesses - Uncapped Business Internet.
  3. Rain LTE-A vs ADSL – The battle is on

    New Rain-based "double-data" LTE-A packages provide serious competition to ISPs selling DSL services.
  4. Telkom’s killer uncapped ADSL prices

    Telkom's new HOMEunlimited packages compare well against uncapped offerings from competing ISPs.
  5. We want our customers on uncapped ADSL and fibre – Telkom

    Telkom has reduced the prices of its uncapped fixed-line broadband packages.

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