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  1. Not all uncapped fair use policies are created equal

    Uncapped packages from South African ISPs are typically subject to an acceptable use policy.
  2. Why Axxess throttles Home uncapped ADSL or fibre before you hit your limit

    An Axxess subscriber recently contacted MyBroadband regarding their uncapped account being throttled to 2Mbps.
  3. Slow ADSL and fibre connectivity in Gauteng

    Afrihost has confirmed slow speeds on Openserve's network.
  4. Yes, Afrihost has 24-hour support

    The ASA has dismissed a complaint against Afrihost's 24-hour support claim.
  5. Wet string is faster than many ADSL connections in South Africa

    An ISP owner has shown that wet string can support speeds of up to 3.5Mbps.

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