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  1. Copper is not dead

    Copper is entering into the realm of the broadband spectrum world with G.fast, which offers speeds approaching that of optic fibre.
  2. ADSL and fibre wholesale price cuts for South Africa

    Openserve has announced wholesale price cuts on its DSL and fibre broadband services, as well as speed increases on its fibre offerings.
  3. Fibre is killing ADSL and it is great for users

    Telkom’s latest results presentation showed that fixed-broadband subscriber numbers are in decline.
  4. There is still life in ADSL in South Africa

    Although ADSL subscribers are switching from copper to fibre and LTE, there is still life in the network.
  5. Telkom’s wholesale ADSL price “a severe bottleneck” – Internet Solutions

    Internet Solutions has always felt that Telkom’s IP Connect charge created a severe bottleneck to broadband growth.

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