FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


The Gauntelt LAN is held at Emperors Place and hosted by AxE Gaming on 3 - 5 July 2015.


1. What Games are we playing?

We will compete in Call of Duty Advanced Warfare and Counterstrike Global Offense.

The competition will be broken up into two parts per game type, namely:

  1. First and Premier Division
  2. Open Division

Any teams can join and compete


2. Is the Venue Safe?

Completely Safe. The Venue is secure and has secure parking.


 3. Are there food and beverages available?

Absolutely! The venue houses a fully stocked restaurants. There will be a cash counter close to the gaming area. No food and drink in the gaming area allowed though.


4. Are there Toilet and Washing Facilities?

Yes. Multiple toilets for men and woman. No. No Showers at the venue.


5. Is there space to sleep?

YES! There is space to sleep for those that need to rest. Please bring your own bedding though. No beds available at the venue…
For those that can, the Hotel is available at disocunted rates for participants.


6. What about my Family?

Emperors Palace caters for much joy and the Kids and family will love it there during the day. The venue has a lot of fun activities. Don’t miss out!
Visitors will pay a small fee for access to the LAN area.


7. How do I Book?

Easy! Go to http://www.axegaming.co.za/index.php/axe-gauntlet-lan and register first. For team players ensure that the whole team is registered and insert your clan and team name. Then register everyone on the team and proceed to checkout.

For individuals just register and choose the FFA option. Go to checkout and finalize.

Bookings will not be allocated if payment is not received. Bookings are on a first come first serve basis.


 8. What else can I expect?

That is the fun part… we will have random games for additional prizes. The best looking PC will also be acknowledged. There are lots too look forward too.


 9. Is there Cell phone coverage?

Yes, there is Cell phone coverage at the venue.


 10. Is there Internet at the venue?

Yes, we expect a 50 Meg Down and 70 Meg up. No downloads will be allowed though as this is a competition based event.


 11. What Prizes can we expect?

For Advanced Warfare there are two sets of Prizes, one for each division:

  1. 1 x Genius Zabius Universal gaming Headset
    4 x Genius Cavimanus 7.1 Gaming Headset
    5 x Genius Maurus Gaming Mouse
    5 X Vinyl PC Printing

  2. 5 x Steelseries Siberia V2 Headset-MSI Gaming Edition

For Counter Strike there are two sets of Prizes, one for each division:

  1. 5 x Steelseries Siberia  V2 Headset
    5 x  NAG Branded  Gaming Mouse Pads
    5 x Tickets to Rage

  2. 5 x MSI Super Genius gaming Mouse III Dragon edition

Additional Prizes to be provided as various awards

1 x GX Gaming Zabius Headsets
1 x GX Gaming Zabius In-ear earphones
1 x GX Gaming Deathtaker Mouse
1 x GX Gaming Imperator Keyboard
1 x GX Gaming SW-G2.1 3000 Speaker System

Additional Prizes to be provided as well


For any inquiries please mail cleric@axegaming.co.za



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