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  • AXE in DGL AXE in DGL

    Competitive Gaming is a sport that is recognized by many. eSports is growing in SA and we will help it grow!

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  • Call of Duty: Black Ops II Tweak Guide Call of Duty: Black Ops II Tweak Guide

    Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 takes elements that fans enjoyed about the first Black Ops, and improves upon them in almost every way. Aside from continuing the Cold War plot established in the first game,


    General Optimization


    Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Tweak Guide, By Koroush Ghazi

     Black Ops 2 also provides an interconnecting storyline set in 2025, expanding the Call of Duty series into futuristic warfare. This time, with branching storylines, the choices you make during the campaign will directly influence the outcome. If you enjoy fast-paced multiplayer, then Black Ops 2 provides a solid enhancement to the online gameplay style of the first game. And for PC gamers everywhere, the good news is that Treyarch has listened to your requests: Black Ops 2 drops support for DirectX 9 in exchange for the more advanced DirectX 10/11, and features a range of settings to utilize your PC\\\'s capabilities above and beyond those available on consoles.

    The aim of this guide is to allow you to better understand and best utilize all of the configuration options available in Black Ops 2.

    Before proceeding further, make sure you meet the game\\\'s minimum requirements as provided below:

    • Processor: 2.4 GHz dual core CPU
    • Memory: 2GB RAM (32-bit OS), 4GB RAM (64-bit Windows OS)
    • Hard Drive: At least 16GB of free space
    • Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT
    • Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible
    • OS: Windows Vista SP2, Windows 7 or Windows 8 (XP not supported)
    • Internet: Initial installation requires Internet connection for Steam authentication

    What follows are full descriptions for all of the settings available in the various Black Ops 2 options menus. Screenshot comparisons are provided where relevant to highlight the impact on image quality of changing these settings. Performance information is also provided for every setting, although bear in mind that the precise impact on your particular system depends on your specific hardware combination and your other game and system-wide settings. The aim here is to give you enough information so that you can make an informed choice as to the settings you enable or disable to obtain a balance of visual quality and performance acceptable to you.

    General System Optimization

    Almost as important as any in-game setting is the way your Windows installation is configured. A great many problems and performance issues, especially stuttering, crashes and slowdowns, can be traced directly to sub-optimal settings in Windows and out-of-date or badly configured drivers. Go through our Stable Gaming Guide to get your PC in the best shape. At the very least make sure to update your Graphics Drivers to the latest available version.

    Performance Measurement

    To successfully conduct any tweaking, you will need some way of objectively measuring your performance in Frames Per Second (FPS). The easiest way to do this is to use the built-in Draw FPS option, found under the Advanced section of the in-game Settings menu. Enabling this option will result in a yellow FPS counter being shown at the top right of the screen.

    Pay attention to your FPS during the game, particularly during graphically intense scenes, such as combat with multiple enemies, or when special effects such as smoke or explosions are visible. If your FPS dips to a very low level at any point, or is constantly spiking, then this is a good indication that you need to adjust various settings, whether to raise your minimum FPS to at least 30 FPS, or simply to stabilize your framerate to prevent stuttering and variable responsiveness. Keep in mind that since Black Ops 2 is a very fast-paced game, for multiplayer you may need a minimum FPS that is much higher than 30 FPS to maintain sufficient responsiveness to remain competitive.

    General Settings

    To access the full suite of in-game settings, launch Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, and select the Options item on the main menu, then select Settings. The main graphics-related options are covered in detail later in this guide. First we examine the general gameplay, sound and control options in this section. None of these settings has any significant impact on performance.


    Subtitles: If set to Enabled, text subtitles will be shown at the bottom of the screen during conversations and cut scenes, while Disabled removes all such subtitles. This option is specific to campaign mode.

    Graphic Content: Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 contains content which some players may find disturbing. If this option is set to Disabled, as much of these elements as possible is removed from the game without changing the storyline. This includes blood and gore effects, foul language, and any violent historical footage shown during the campaign. This setting has no impact on multiplayer mode.

    Player Name Indicator: This setting controls the information displayed above player heads in multiplayer mode:

    • Full Name - The player\\\'s rank icon and rank, any clan tag, and name will be displayed, in that order.
    • Abbreviated - Only the player name, devoid of rank or clan tag, is shown.
    • Icon Only - Only the rank icon and rank level is shown, without any name or clan tag.

    Color Blind Assist: If set to On, this option changes the colors used in the minimap so that they are more easily distinguishable for people who are color blind.

    Chat Messages: If set to Show, this option will allow the display of player text chat messages on the screen in multiplayer mode. If you find these messages distracting or annoying, you can remove them by selecting Hide for this setting.


    Volume: There are multiple sliders here allowing control of the volume level for various game audio elements. This includes: Voice for spoken dialog, Music for in-game background music, SFX for special effects such as gunfire and explosions, a Master volume slider that controls the overall volume of all elements, a Cinematic volume slider that determines the level of audio for in-game cut-scenes during campaign mode, and Codcaster sliders to control the volume of gameplay and commentary when watching a pre-recorded game. None of these sliders has any impact on performance, so set them to suit your taste.

    Hearing Impaired: If this option is enabled, spoken dialog will be enhanced over any background audio to make it easier to distinguish.

    Sound Device: This item is may not be selectable if you have only one sound output device connected. It displays the name of the sound hardware that Black Ops 2 is currently using to output game audio on your system. If a connected device is not being identified correctly, or you are having problems with audio output on it, then you will first need to check your Windows sound settings under the Sound component of the Windows Control Panel, then check your sound card or motherboard manufacturer\\\'s website for the latest sound drivers.

    Presets: There are five preset audio mixes here, each determining the way in which game audio is processed:

    • Headphones - Boosts audio response at both ends of the spectrum to provide richer audio on standard headphones.
    • Treyarch Mix - The recommend audio processing for most systems with standard two or more channel speaker setups, as well as high-end headphones.
    • Bass Boost - Increases the low frequency response to provide heavier bass. Suitable if you prefer more bass, or have small speakers.
    • High Boost - Increases the high frequency response to provide crisper audio.
    • Supercrunch - Provides exaggerated sound output at all frequencies. This can make it easier to detect any noise, particularly during multiplayer.

    Once a preset is selected, you can click the System Test option to initiate a brief test sequence. However, any changes to the presets during the test sequence will not be reflected until the test is run again.


    The Controls section of the settings allows you to remap your mouse, gamepad and keyboard control assignments. Make sure to go through this section, not only to customize it, but to also become aware of all the various settings. Of note are the following:

    Invert Mouse Look: If set to Yes, pushing your mouse forward will make your character aim down, and moving your mouse back will make him aim upwards. If set to No, the arrangement is reversed.

    Mouse Sensitivity: This slider determines the level of responsiveness of the mouse to your movements. The further to the right the slider, the more responsive the mouse will feel. Keep in mind that if your mouse movements feel laggy, even after raising the Mouse Sensitivity, there are several other things you should check:

    • If your framerate falls below around 30 FPS at any time, particularly during heavy combat, you will start to notice reduced responsiveness. You will need to adjust your graphics settings to raise your minimum FPS.
    • Check the Max Frames Per Second graphics setting (covered later in this guide) to make sure it isn\\\'t set to a low cap, such as 30 FPS. This is too low a maximum frame rate to allow for sufficient responsiveness in a fast-paced game like Black Ops 2; it should be set to at least 60.
    • If the Sync Every Frame setting is enabled, or you have Vertical Sync set to On or Adaptive in the NVIDIA Control Panel, this can contribute to a less responsive feel to mouse movements. See the Sync Every Frame setting in the Graphics Settings section later in this guide for more details.

    Mouse Smoothing: If set to On, this setting attempts to reduce the jerkiness of mouse movements by taking the average of several input samples, rather than just a single sample at any time. Note that mouse smoothing is not the same as mouse acceleration/deceleration. The main benefit of enabling mouse smoothing is that it can increase precision and, as the name implies, provide a feeling of smoothness in mouse movements. The major drawback is that it can result in noticeable mouse lag, making the mouse feel less responsive, particularly during fast-paced action. On balance it is best set to Off for maximum responsiveness in Borderlands 2.

    Also keep in mind that a high mouse sensitivity, while it can improve responsiveness, may also reduce accuracy.

    On the next page we begin our look at the various graphics-related settings in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2.

    Graphics Settings


    Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 has a large number of graphics-related settings, and these can have a substantial impact on the way the game looks and plays on your system. To access all of the available graphics settings, select Options under the Main Menu, then choose the Settings item. In the following section we\\\'ll go through each of these graphics settings in detail, and see exactly how they affect performance and image quality.



    In the performance graphs shown, for each setting we start with a \\\"baseline\\\" where all options are set to the maximum possible, as well as 4x MSAA, FXAA On, Depth of Field Low, Sync Every Frame Off, and Max Frames Per Second set to Unlimited. From this baseline, we vary individual settings to measure their effect on performance and image quality. From this baseline, we vary individual settings to measure their effect on performance and image quality. To see how various combinations of settings work for other NVIDIA GPUs, check out the Optimal Playable Settings section of the site.

    Full System Configuration

    • GeForce GTX 660 Ti 2GB
    • Intel Core i7 3960X (3.3GHz)
    • 8GB RAM
    • Win7 64-bit
    • NVIDIA 310.54 WHQL Drivers


    Please go read the full guide here:


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  • Call of Duty Ghosts Call of Duty Ghosts

    Review from PC Gamer

    Call of Duty: Ghosts will be damned if you peek away from your screen. Boredom is absolutely not allowed as the campaign pelts you with action vignettes—including a scene directly snagged from the opening of The Dark Knight Rises—and repeats its mantra ad nauseam: “Keep moving!”

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    Dota 2 review from PCgamer.

    Of the half-dozen people I started learning Dota 2 with, three still play regularly.

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    Battlefield 4 PC review - PC Gamer

    Battlefield 4 wants you to break it. Demolition has been, to varying degrees, its distinguishing feature since DICE made Battlefield: Bad Company 2 destructible. In BF4 it takes the form of massive,

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  • Downloading Teamspeak 3 and Connecting Downloading Teamspeak 3 and Connecting

    Download and install teamspeak to connect with us

     Looking to Join the Teamspeak?


     Click here to get the Teamspeak Download  and install it to your computer.

    Once you have installed the Teampseak Setup or are not sure how to then please follow all the steps below

    Guide to Using TeamSpeak 3


    TeamSpeak 3 is a voice communications (voice comms) tool for real time voice chat over the internet. This is sometimes referred to as voice over IP.

    It is designed for gamers to be able to chat with each other while playing a game. This takes team based games to a whole new level as you are able to quickly issue orders and report incidents without having to stop and type your message.


    This guide will cover:

    • Getting the TeamSpeak software
    • Setting up and connecting to a server.

    This guide is not meant to be a complete guide to using TeamSpeak. If you want more information, then look at the FAQ section of the TeamSpeak website: www.teamspeak.com

     Step 1 – Getting the Software

    Visit the download page

    Assuming you are running a version of Microsoft Windows, you will need \\\\\\\'TS3 Client\\\\\\\' 32 or 64 bit. TeamSpeak is completely freeware, so there is nothing to pay.

    Once the software has downloaded, run the executable and follow the installation instructions. Once it is installed it might be useful to place a shortcut on the desktop (if it hasn\\\\\\\'t already) or even on the \\\\\\\'Quick Launch\\\\\\\' bar. This is entirely up to you.

    Step 2 – Setting Up and Connecting to a Server

    When you start TeamSpeak client, the following window will appear:


    Right now you are not connected to a server, so let\\\\\\\'s do this now.

    Click on Connections and select Connect.


    In the \\\\\\\'Server Address\\\\\\\' box enter the AxE Gaming IP which is

    In the \\\\\\\'Nickname\\\\\\\' box enter Your Exact Gaming Name you would like to be known as and Please make sure its the exact name your registered on the website with.

    Once you have filled these in, click Connect

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    Moving Origin and Its Games From One Drive to Another.
    - Reinstalling Origin after a windows reinstall.
    - Reinstalling Origin on a secondary/external hard drive
    - Fixing any install issues regarding "error code 1624" or "Ready To Install" Looping.

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Previous Lan's

Axe LAN 3

(0 votes)

Axe Lan 3.

We want to thank :

-Carnival City for their great venue and support,

-The Division for their efforts and support,


-The prize sponsors for their awesome prizes

          • Logitech for the gaming mice
          • WD for the Hard Drives
          • Proline for the Tablets
          • Zalman for the Coolers
          • NAG for the Subscriptions
          • Intel for the Software packages



  • Our Vision
  • Target Market
  • Event Info
  • Statistics
  • Sponsors
  • Marketing Examples
  • Feedback
  • Conclusion


AXE eSports Avatar Small



 Axelerated Gaming is a gaming platform with two aspects:

 1.The event and eSports events vision

2. The online Gaming premier league vision


Axelerated Gaming, hereafter AXE Gaming, is a group dedicated to grow eSports in South-Africa to rival international markets. Not only do we provide the events to increase skill and provide healthy eSports competitive gaming, but we compete on a professional level as well. We are part of the eSports gaming community. The focus of our events is to create a comfortable and controlled environment to host our eSports events. This means that our focus is on venues that provides security, comfort and access to your daily needs. We consider these events to be top class, and therefore provide up class venues. As we know that the venue, prizes and competitive clans or players are key to hosting a successful eSports LAN. We aim to provide the best we can. Our eSport LAN events are focused on the competitive nature and would rarely host not competitive players.  Online gaming is not receiving the attention it deserves, and we aim to grow that attention into multiple industries and societies.  AXE Gaming ‘s aim is to host onsite and web based tournaments and competitions to provide a chance for everyone to compete and win. Because we believe Life is Game, we believe everyone should play it!! Secondly our teams compete in multiple gaming platforms and games. Our focus with our teams is to compete nationally and internationally as professional gamers. What differentiate the AXE community are the high morals and standards we govern ourselves by. We believed in respect for others and a good moral foundation. Behavior that is not in line with good conduct is not welcome and will be addressed and routed out accordingly. Our teams are dedicated to grow in skill and ability, and is doing very well in the leagues available. This concept assists in the marketing as our teams compete at the AXE Gaming LANS and helps with the development of the events as a team. Our teams are a worthwhile cause to invest in.  



In the gaming community there are players from all walks of life. From school bound students to Businessman and Directors. Lawyers, Doctors, Engineers and just about every industry are getting into competitive gaming. Our goal is to grow the awareness of Competitive eSports gaming in all markets, making it fun for everyone. Gamers from all walks of life, with all gaming preferences. Bringing people together from all walks of life to compete and meet. To grow and support the eSports community in ways not yet experienced. To build awareness and provide a competitive chance for all, irrespective of division or class. Taking eSports gaming to the next level. We cater for FPS games, MPO’s and a variety of others . After all, competitive gaming comes in many forms. Our target market ranges from player’s age 16 to 65. The aim is provide an environment where age is not as important as skill and experience.  




The AXE eSports LAN #3 was hosted at carnival city. After launching a poll to determine what games would be best suited for the LAN, it was decided on Call of Duty Ghosts and DOTA2. The Venue was provided by Carnival City and The Division provided us with sponsors for the prizes.


Planning included:


    •  Venue and Venue Layout
    • Power requirements and provision
    • Internet  provisionAXE LOGO clear small
    • LAN and Network infrastructure
    • Tables and chairs
    •  Safety and Security
    • Temperature and Climate
    • Ablution
    • Cleaners
    • Food and Beverages
    • Access Control
    • Place to sleep
    • Marketing
    • Schedules and Time Frames
    • Server availability
    • Entries and Bookings
    • Printing


The bookings for the LAN towards the COD Ghosts entries was going well, as the first few entries were Premier Division entries. The DOTA 2 Entries did not go to well as the only entry was AXE Gaming’s DOTA 2 Team. It was decided to run another poll two weeks before the event to see if we can move to another game type. MW3 was chosen and advertised. 3 Teams entered and later another team, BVD, decided to join. Therefore the competition was COD only. Not our initial idea. It was successful though. The aim was to get 150 – 200 players. The total entries were 50. The reasons provided were that the competition was too strong and that the chances of winning were slim. This will be revised at the next LAN to provide equal chance for all gamers. The event was competitive in nature and the focus was eSports. There were no casual lanners. The overall view of the event was a success.


Challenges were won as Follows: COD GHOSTS SNDIMG_0729_800x533


1. BVD                  –              Bravado Gaming

2. Infamous          –              Mixed Pro Players

3. AXE Flaming Cut  -             Axelerated Gaming

4. Fuzion                -              Mixed Pro Players


COD MW3 SND                

        1. BVD                  -              Bravado Gaming
        2. AXE X-Rated      -               Axelerated Gaming




        1. Beast                    -              Immersion Energy
        2. Trigger                  -              Immersion Energy
        3. Niall                      -              Immersion Energy


Setup of the LAN is on Friday to ensure all is working for the competition. The eSports Competitions are on Saturday. Last matches and pack up is on Sunday. Breakfast, Lunch and Supper time was provided as well as times for rest after matches.




        1. STATISTICS


The Pre-event advertising reached the following amount of people:


        1. Facebook adverts individually:           Between 600 and 36 000 views
        2. Website:                                         up to 4 500 visits per month with 1700 unique page views
        3. Undetermined eMail Marketing         –   160+
        4. Other Marketing:
          1. Voodoo Gaming
          2. Zombie Gaming
          3. NAG Page
          4. SA DOTA2 Page
          5. eSports Pages
          6. COD eSports Pages
          7. FPS Pages
          8. Do Gaming Pages
          9. Other Websites and Pages




The Venue was sponsored by Carnival City. The Venue at Carnival City was awesome with carpets, soft chairs and couches, restaurants, decent ablution facilities and great service. The Carnival Staff out did themselves.


Due to involvement of The Division, who decided this movement is worth investing in, we obtained great prizes from the following sponsors:


Logitech   -  10 x        Gaming Computer Mice
WD         -    5 x          2TB Black Edition HDD
Proline      -     5 x          7” Tablets
Zalman    -    5 x          Gaming CPU Coolers


We obtained several INTEL software packages.


NAG Magazine provided 5 x one year subscriptions.


Thank you to all our Sponsors who made this event a success.
The prizes were truly great.




Apart from the mailshots, adverts were created and posted on Facebook and the AXE Gaming Web Page. The printing of posters, access cards, Flags and banners were provided with the sponsors. Some Marketing adverts are as follows:




Zalman Advert 1 Logitech G300 advert WD Advert 1




Untitled-1 AXE Sponsers Pinnacle AXE LAN INFO #3



 Proline Advert Carnival Sponser


        1. FEEDBACK


The event feedback was all positive. The total view of the event was that is well organized, catered for and overall was a great experience. The DOTA 2 players suggested the prizes were not worth their while and therefore they were not interested. The event times were a bit out due to a few variables that would not be present at the next LAN. The comments were that in spite of the challenges we managed to keep a great pace and control. The players all wanted to know the date of the next AXE Gaming LAN, and are eager to register. The event consisted of mostly Premier Division players, who were all impressed. The Tablets from Proline and the HDD from WD was the highlight of the evening. Players suggested prizes apart from peripherals like motherboards, Tablets, HDD and RAM for future events. The distance to the Venue was also mentioned, but the overall view it was worth it. The next event was suggested by most players to host Counter Strike and COD Ghosts.


Conclusion: Even with the limited amount of players, the event was a massive success.  


          1. CONCLUSIONCarnival-City


This is the third successful eSports event hosted by AXE eSports Gaming.  This was also the stepping stone and turning point of the event and the future looks very promising. The time schedules and ability to keep it is key to the success of this event, along with the venue and prizes. As the news spreads of this event and all doubts are calmed, the inquiries and comments increase. The next event will no doubt be packed, and the sooner the marketing starts and the prizes are provided, the better the reach and interest.


I want to send a special thanks to our Heavenly Father that made this a reality as well as my friends and AXE Members that helped us build this event into what it is, and to what it will become. I could not this without any of you mentioned above!


This event is promising and will grow to be something massive!
Thank you!
See you at the next event!AXE LOGO clear small


And remember  - LIFE IS A GAME, PLAY IT !!








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