Axe LAN 2

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Axe Lan 2.

The Next LAN will be even Better, Bigger and more adrenaline filled than the last one! 


5 Member Clan Wars

Limited Space (+-100 Seats)

The Big Red Barn Irene PTA

Restaurant until 5pm

R150 per person per entry

1. Online Bookings only

2. Axelerated Gaming (Hereafter AXE) does not take responsibility for any injury, loss or damage to equipment or theft of any kind before, during or after the AXE LAN (Hereafter the Event).

3. All rules pertaining to the event will be adhered to with the penalty of immediate dismissal and forfeit of any and all interaction, prizes, connections or access to the event. The age restriction is 16. No person under the age of 16 will be allowed to play or view the event, before, during or after the event.

4. All member conduct will be in line with the general accepted behavior for all involved including acting in discipline, integrity and respect toward anyone and everyone at the venue and the venue itself. Failure to act in the expect manner before, during or after the event. Failure to do so will enact immediate dismissal and removal from the property in question, in totality not excluding any item.

AXE LAN Banner

5. There will be no food or drink allowed in the area the event is taking place. There will be a dedicated area for consumption.

6. No smoking will be allowed in any buildings or public places. Dedicated smoking areas will be provided.

7. AXE members carries and reserves the right and authority to accept, decline, direct, manage, implement, change, or enforce any decisions, comments, registrations, alterations, implications, or direction that needs to made before, during or after the event.

8. No acts of violence, disrespect, vandalism, blasphemy, or bad and abusive behavior will be tolerated.

9. AXE reserves the right to change or make changes to any all parts of the Event.

10. The Event is limited to 100 entries and spectator viewing will be limited and restricted.

11. Entries to be paid within 3 days from booking to avoid being rejected. Only online entries allowed.

12. No medical facilities will be provided, but there are hospitals available close by. Please ensure transport is available and that all medication that is required for good health is on site in your possession. AXE will not and does not accept responsibility for any injuries, medical misconduct or grievance.

13. Please ensure that during the Event you are well hydrated and fed. Hydration and sustenance facilities are available to purchase from. Please ensure that you have funds to buy any sustenance required.

14. There will be no cheating, hacking or additional activated benefits allowed during the Event. Offenders will be banned for life.

15. Please ensure that all equipment is checked and clean of Viruses, Malware, Trojans, Worms or any programs or code that are threatening. If you are caught with such programs you will be banned for life.

16. The Event carries an age restriction of 16. No person under the age of 16 will be allowed to participate or spectate the Event. On registration, ID numbers or Birth certificate number is required.

17. All entries to be validated and accepted by AXE before booking are secure.


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