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AXE LAN EVENT #1 After Math

The competition started with 10 Clans that entered for SND with the hope to stand a chance for the Razer Tiamat Headsets that was displayed as the prize for the winner.


The AXE LAN #1 was held at The Big Red Barn in

Olifantsfontein, Pretoria.

30 Aug ’13 – 1 Sept ‘13




The competition started with 10 Clans that entered for SND with the hope to stand a chance for the Razer Tiamat Headsets that was displayed as the prize for the winner.

Each team had 6 players to make it interesting, and the rules were based on the DGL SND rules. This meant an extra Assault per team.


The intense expectation was obvious as the players arrived showing of their gear and skills during the first few hours of Friday. The setting up was quick as all the power and Network infrastructure was in place on arrival. Each team could sit together as the placing were organised in lines.


On Saturday the teams were announced as follows:


AXE Sacred Blade   Motion Gaming
AXE Flaming Cut       TDMH
Team Devoid Undacuva
Energy eSports Darkness
OPG  Keyboard to the Knee


The FFA Competition had a great 20 Entries made up of individual players and some team members from the SND entries.



 The competition was provided as 9 matches in total, with each challenge being 1 map only. The ruling team would be allocated 2 points, the team that missed the mark would have 0 points and a tie would reward 1 point per team.

The matches were intense, and the adrenaline was obvious as teams with various skill levels took each other on in the digital fields of battle.

This was truly going to be a hard challenge!


SND Match Conclusion


As the matches progressed, and teams were allocated points, match Five decided that two teams were dropped, and every match after that.

Match 8 left 4 teams to dual each other in combat, and these teams were hard at each other’s throats:


Team Devoid           vs        OPG

Energy eSports      vs        Undacuva


The matches were INTENSE and hard. This consequence was even more so!

They had 3 maps to compete on.

When Team Devoid came head to head to head with Energy eSports the tension WAS IMMENSE and the game was even more so!

And after an hour of agonising Kill after Kill after Kill there could only be one winner!


The first map was Lockdown were Energy eSports walked away with a score of 13-11.

The second map Energy eSports took a gruelling lead over Team Devoid with 13-8 on Seatown.




AXE GAMING is congratulating Energy eSports on their winning of the 6 Razer Tiamat 7.1 headsets.


They have the privilege of defending their title at the next AXE LAN.




The FFA match was very tough as there were some good players. The last match held six players namely: Krait, Broken, Darkness, BaNaNaZz, Altruli, Syndrome, Mordecai.



Well done Krait on walking away with the Razer Ournoboros Gaming Mouse!

Well done indeed.





 The AXE LAN had 3 Servers that ran MW3 as well as TS3 for Team Comms. There were hundreds of metres of cabling as well as Gigabit switches for steady information pathways.



LAN issues Experienced

 The TS3 server fell out 3 times due to the server going into sleep mode.

The cold front made the venue very cold. The heaters helped.

Power had to be redistributed once to accommodate the load.

The Sun provided an obstacle on some PC’s due to angle and window layout.


These items will be addressed and corrected.


Positive Feedback

 The scheduled timing of LAN was delayed by 45 minutes only due to circumstances.

The food and beverages available were well priced and delicious.

The venue was beautiful

Power and network infrastructure was stable and planned well

The Event was planned and ran well




The overall view of the AXE LAN #1 was that the event was great. Everyone is looking forward to the next one and the planning has already started.

The teams were good, the challenges were tough, and the prizes were excellent.


The next event promises to be pulsating with energy and expectation.


See you there!

[AXE] CleR!C




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