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  1. Razer is working on a handheld gaming and entertainment device

    Razer is developing a mobile device geared towards gaming and entertainment.
  2. Dutch ISPs ordered to block The Pirate Bay

    The Hague has ordered Dutch ISPs Ziggo and XS4ALL to block access to The Pirate Bay, TorrentFreak reported.
  3. Gaming laptop vs desktop PC – South African price comparison

    Gaming laptops are great for gamers on the move, but are generally more expensive than a comparable desktop PC.
  4. South African gaming YouTubers need to up their game

    A global appeal will achieve the best traction for your videos, but it is the quality of the videos that is most important.
  5. Massive growth for music streaming and social video games in South Africa

    A new report shows that subscription music streaming is set to overtake digital music purchases.

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