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  1. Mosh Pit: Now you can rock your rock music through a rock that rocks

    Welcome to this week’s Mosh Pit! It seems to be mostly cold and cloudy everywhere today, and we don’t blame you if you’re huddled under a blanket. Stay cosy with us as we go through this week’s list of Things You Should Take Note Of™. We’ve got some capture cards, a possible career change, and […]
  2. Valve might be improving cross-platform game support with Steam Play

    Valve’s initiative to have games on Steam available and supported across multiple operating systems has been quite successful. There’s a ton of games available for Windows, Linux, and macOS, and some of those games are also cross-licensed. In the beginning, that’s what Steam Play came to represent – the ability to buy a game that’d […]
  3. Do children dream of technicolour sheep?

    Today in news which could be amazing for the future of humanity or might spell the beginning of the end, researchers at the University of Plymouth have discovered that whilst adults are unlikely to have their opinions and decisions influenced by robots, the same is not true for young children. The study (led by postdoctoral […]
  4. THQ Nordic is reviving the Jagged Alliance franchise with Jagged Alliance: Rage

    There are many dormant video game franchises which could do with a revival. Jagged Alliance sits about seven-eighths of the way down that list, right? Still, let’s not be cynical… the original Jagged Alliance and its core sequel were well worth a play, even if things got a little muddy from there on, so the […]
  5. No Man’s Sky NEXT: A lesson in mineralogy, space politics, and bugs

    I’m a big fan of No Man’s Sky. I liked the ideas Sean Murray threw out in his initial presentations. I liked the concept of a practically infinite space exploration game. We’d already seen games built around similar concepts, but the direction of No Man’s Sky set it apart from other games. Unlike other games […]

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