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  1. Microsoft rolls a D20 and attacks with Windows 10 1809 again

    Microsoft has had several false starts for their updates to Windows 10 this year, what with Windows 10 1803 just generally being buggy, and Windows 10 1809 deleting user data in a couple of different ways. Microsoft says that they’ve been hard at work fixing the problems and that 1809 should be rolling out today. […]
  2. Nintendo wins $12.2 million piracy lawsuit, but at what cost?

    A judge in Arizona has ruled that local residents Jacob and Cristian Mathias must pay Nintendo a not exactly inconsequential sum of $12,230,000 for copyright and trademark infringement. Operating as Mathias Designs LLC, the husband and wife hosted the LoveROMs and LoveRetro websites, providing free downloads of old games from multiple publishers – many of […]
  3. Getting back into World of Warcraft

    It could be anything. You’ve been busy. You’ve been caught up in another game. You just really hate Azerite armor so much you stopped logging on. In my case, it was a mixture of construction work and internet woes keeping me away from my beloved home in Azeroth, but my roof is fixed, I have fibre, […]
  4. Psst! You want NAG merch? ‘Cause we’ve got NAG merch. COME GET YOUR NAG MERCH!

    So, you missed rAge 2018. You’re super sad. So sad that you don’t even know how to cope with the sadness, and you can’t even right now, and maybe you feel like the only thing that’d make it better is the chance to buy some of the sweet, sweet NAG and rAge merchandise we had […]
  5. PowerColor leaks details of the Radeon RX 590 two days early, oh my!

    PowerColor, a TUL subsidiary, is one of AMD’s strongest GPU partners in the Asian and European markets, and their eye-catching designs and really provocative names have given them quite the reputation in the PC hardware market. It would be a sin not to acknowledge how much their designs pique my interest. What the company is […]

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