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  1. This Week In Gaming

    Greetings NAGijijis, and thanks for coming back for This Week In Gaming. In the news this week we have Team Meat being a tease, Xbox talking cross-platform-play, Blizzard going all-out on e-sports, PUBG devs talking single-player and rip-offs and up close and personal with DOOM on Switch. All that, some more news, videos and highlights […]
  2. Witness the fitness of The Witness on iOS, at last

    Yes, new games show up on the App Store all the time without even a cursory mention from the gaming press, but The Witness is lovely. And it’s (relatively) cheap. It’s out now on iDevices – a neat five years since we first saw evidence of Jonathan Blow’s puzzle-exploration masterpiece running on an iPad. Thekla […]
  3. Nokia 3310 review

    It goes without saying that, for most people, the Nokia brand evokes memories of unboxing their very first phone. The Nokia 3310 review sample landing on my desk proved this, as I immediately began reminiscing on all the hours I spent playing Snake. The relaunched Nokia 3310 is 115mm high by 51mm wide, and weighs […]
  4. Brendan Greene talks PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds via Reddit AMA

    Brendan Greene, PlayerUnknown himself, took on a Reddit AMA recently, sifting through a pile of questions and taking the time to answer a few for the fans. The session spanned a number of aspects of PUBG, mostly in vague macro terms, touching on single-player, ranked play, improved destruction and more. Gamers intimidated by online play […]
  5. The Duke controller revival design has been signed off by Microsoft

    You may have thought it was an elaborate hoax, but the planned revival of the unfathomably monstrous original Xbox controller – we called it the Duke back then, out of fearful reverence – is a real thing and it’s really happening. Soon. Initially unveiled at E3, we now have confirmation that the suits at Microsoft […]

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