Axe Gaming is focussed on competitive LANS and online challenges

Private AND Online Gaming – Axelerated

Competitive Gaming is a sport that is recognised by many.

Being part of a group that allows you to compete on multiple levels and prove your worth, and fighting for a reward outside your accomplishment is worth being part of.

AXE Gaming will help you increase your skill, and at the same time allow you to play locally and online for real prizes.


The Code of Conduct for AXE


1. Practice Integrity at all times

2. Respect others at all times

3. Practice Discipline

4. Foul and Common Language are for the weak of Character. Please refrain

5. Be Proud of what and who you are!

6. Be Trustworthy

7. Be on TS3 when you go online. Even if you are in a private channel.


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