1. Everyone online is person just like you, respect them and treat them how you would like to be treated. Disrespecting others gives you, and the clan a bad name. Disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated and may result in a permanent ban for yourself with not only the clan but also any servers affiliated with AXE GAMING.

  2. Foul and bad language not be tolerated. Please refrain from the use of crude and foul language, or do it off channel. We recommend that if you do have a swearing problem to make sure especially on TeamSpeak that you use push to talk which will save you from making yourself and the clan look bad. Not everyone online appreciates that kind of mentality and it shows weak character. Remember we do play games with others that are way younger than most, and we have other teams and sponsor that joins the channels form time to time, and can’t afford to look bad.

  3. No Blasphemous language please. This includes any reference to God, Jesus and other deities. Being rude to a GOD is a total NO and is frowned upon. This may result in a ban if you choose to not listen and cooperate with this rule.

  4. If you are accused of hacking, good for you! If however, you do hack and it’s proven, we will get you banned. Hacking is for losers. AXE GAMING is for Winners. Hacking is considered any means used to have an advantage over other players. This includes macros, key bindings and software that gives you an advantage over other players.

  5. Attend as much meetings as possible please. AXE GAMING can only grow if it’s together. Whatever events are on whether it’s a practice or group play. JOIN IN AND DELIVER! Who knows, you don’t need to be the best to be noticed or to have an impact.

  6. Steam and Facebook are the gateways of AXE GAMING and is very active so you do not want to miss any updates on our clan’s movements. Please don’t be shy to post on our pages either!

  7. We are a team; we play, win and lose together. Play hard and work hard. Respect each other. Your time online shows a lot of who you are offline.

  8. Abide by the rules, especially when competing. This includes listening and adhering to a leaders commands. In Wartime the soldiers must obey orders, irrespective of emotion or own thoughts. This ensures that teamwork and discipline is accomplished. Doing your own thing will end up bad for the team. Whether you are competing at a venue, online or offline, always adhere to the rule of the venue or challenge and the administrators of that event or venue.

  9. Control your emotions. This is, after all, a game to enjoy. When people get emotional they take away the joy of the game from others. Controlling your emotions shows your level of maturity. Don’t let others get to you.

  10. Always strive to be a better player and person than who you are now! The more humble and skilled you are. The bigger of an asset you are to AXE GAMING

  11. Gaming is Hobby and a Sport. It is NOT life. Your faith comes first, then your family, then your friends, then your life, then gaming. Remember this. I will never let you choose gaming over the other aspects of life. Gaming is least important. However, if you commit to an event or game, please excuse yourself if something comes up. Life happens, always be open and honest and we will try and assist. AxE is family, and we help each other out where we can.

  12. Please contribute to the clan in any way you can. Any insights, suggestions and ideas are welcome. An active participation is required. Please see how you can make the clan, and yourself, better.

  13. When in game you are to be in the AxE gaming TeamSpeak 3 channel at all times. This is to assist us to get a hold of you as well as create a completely social and competitive environment

  14. The AxE tags in your name provides an association with the clan. You are to keep your tags online at all times.  If you do, however, have to remove your tags to be a substitute for a clannie, please adhere to our rules. Our rules applies to you whether or not you wear your AxE tags, and you will be scrutinized accordingly. At no other times do you remove your tags, as you are to be proud of AxE, and represent the clan everywhere.

  15. No name changes will be allowed at ANY TIME without the approval of an administrator. You keep the name you are registered with and are associated with. If you have the need to change your steam or online name, this change will be permanent until you receive approval to change your name again. Your online name are not to be offensive, derogative, racist, blasphemous, sexist or of a sexual nature. AxE is NOT like other clans, and you will be removed form you team after the third warning. You have NO reason to change your name at any time.

  16. You will not be allowed to join other clans while you are in the AxE clan. You will represent AxE in all the games we compete in. If you feel we need to expand in other game types, please let us know and we will start the process to develop the required. This includes tournaments and the DGL. If you want to compete at a LAN that AxE is not active in, you can obtain approval to represent other teams for that specific event.

  17. If you have been caught hacking, or carry an active VAC or other platform BAN, AxE does not want to be associated with you. We cannot allow an opportunity for others to associate AxE with hackers. If we allow this for one person, we have to allow it for all, and we cannot allow that.

  18. If you want to enter AxE as a member, there is a structure in place. First you approach a captain or manager, get tested for your skill, and if you are accepted, you will be vetted and approved by the relevant admin or clan owner.

  19. The administrators and managers decide on the decisions within the teams and the clan. No disrespect to the administrators and managers will be tolerated. We are a family and we need sort any challenges out in a mature and professional way.

  20. Enjoy the game!






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