18-20 December 2015 @ Emperors Palace Gauteng






Axelerated eSports Gaming PTY Ltd (Hereafter AxE Gaming) successfully hosted another eSports event at Emperors Palace. 
The event was provided in line with the Venue availibility and had a relaxed atmosphere due to the time of the year. 

The Gauntlet Evolution eSports LAN was created to grow eSports and the awareness of eSports in South-Africa by hosting the events in safe, secure and comfortable venues. 
The GEEL is growing bigger and better with every event and the aim for 2016 would be up to reach 400 players on site. 

The GEEL 2 event hosted 3 game types namely COD BO3 (Call of Duty Black ops 3), CS:GO (Counterstrike Global Offensive) and LOL (League of Legends). 
Great prizes where provided for each event that valued approxametly R10 000 per event. 

Sponsors were as follows: 


  • Call of Duty BO3 - Corex
  • Counterstrike GO - Matrix Warehouse
  • League of Legends - Rebeltech in association with Rectron


Emperors Palace is a very impressive Casino that supports gaming and the arts industries in all its forms. Their team of staff members are very professional and easy to work with, from management, the technicians to the cleaners. It is always a pleasure to work with them. 

The GEEL Number 2 is AxE gaming's 6th event and is drawing alot of attention with over 8000 page veiws over the last month and average of 500 veiws on the #MyAxeGaming Facebook page with relation to the GEEL






The venue had stable 3 phase power and a stable Internet connection which provided for uploads speeds of up to 80 Mbs and download speeds of 60 Mbs. The whole event had only one major delay of 20 minutes due to one of the phases in the power supply that failed.
On Friday during setup the internet settings had to be revised and all was sorted at around 7 PM. 
The rest of the event went smoothly.
On big challenge was an unexpected restriction on the CS:GO Servers after an 11 Gig update that seems to have restricted the use of CS:GO as a remote server. The team provided that there seems to a new system implemented that restricts the use of CS:GO servers without purchasing a "token" of some kind. Further investigation into this are being done. 
The CS:GO challenge went off without further challenges.




Thank you to #Emperors Palace and the co-ordinating team for hosting our event and all your support. Without you this event would not have been run as smooth as it had. Whenever we needed help or support the friendly staff was eager to assist.
Thank you for your support in building eSports in South-Africa.

Secondly the AxE Gaming team; You guys are truly a blessing and made it all possible. We are proud to have such a reliable and motivated eSports family willing to assist in our vision and mission. 

A special thanks to:

  1. Sean for your dedication, hard work and sacrifice. You are truly an inspiration and a good friend!
  2. Drikus for your hard work in providing and maintaining our network infrastructure. Reliable and dedicated as always.
  3. Leon, Christo and Johan for your efforts and assistance.
  4. The AxE Gaming team members for all your hard work and assistance when needed.

It's an honour and privilege to work with you all! 

Thirdly a huge thanks to the First line and Second line Sponsors. Everyone knows that the prizes motivates the players and in turn enables the events to be successful. Thank you for your support and assistance in making our vision a reality. 

Thanks to:

#Rebeltech for arranging the Computers from Rectron, the 128 Gig SSD's and the R 5000 cash prizes for the LOL competition. 
#Corex for arranging the AMD 9590 FX Processors with water-cooling for the COD BO3 Challenge.
#MatrixWarehouse for the Armaggeddon Hornet MK3 and Alien IV G17G Pro Gaming Keyboards and mice for the CS:GO Competition
#AxEGaming for the R1500 cash prize for the CS:GO Challenge

Your prizes and support are hugely appreciated and it is a pleasure in working with you!

Fourthly we acknowledge and thank all the teams and eSport gamers that invested your time and money to support us as well as assist us at the LAN. You, the player, is the motivation behind these events and it gives us great pleasure to thank you for attending. We are excited about the future of these events and your support. 

We had so much positive feedback and praise for the event and we are eager to make the next one even better and even more unique!






The matches where tough, and the players where skilled. Some matches where over quickly and others took many hours to finish. In the end, the winners fought it out bravely and driven to make their name! 

The teams that entered the finals of each match where as follows:

For LOL:

eN Revera vs Ventus Ration Ventus Ration won the Challenge by 2 points to 0. eN played a hard game and it was obvious that both teams are extremely skilled at what they do. 


For CS:GO:

Flipside Tactics VS Peculiar Roosters - After an intense battle and a fancy display of skill, Flipside walk away with the Prize after winning 3-0 against the skilled Peculiar Roosters. Both these teams have something to offer... watch out CS:GO players!


For COD BO3:

Altitude Vs VNR Vandelizer - What an INTENSE game this was. Both teams invested many hours of experience and it was obvious by the battles that took place that it paid off. Altitude had to really concentrate on this close scored challenge, but ended up walking away with the prize.




During the GEEL eSports events there is a strict rule set to ensure that everyone competes on the same level, and does not behave in an offensive or disrespectful manner. 
Part of the rules provided for the FPS games is the restriction of any added hardware or software enabled method of having an unfair advantage over other players.

AxE Gaming has the mandate to ensure that we enforce the rules and maintain a consistency with regards this and any rules. Therefore when a player is accused, and henceforth caught in breaking a rule, the necessary steps must be taken to remove the player (or Team) from the event. 

During the GEEL 2 event, there was an instance where multiple teams found the gameplay of a particular player rather questionable. This was brought to the host's attention which requested that the whole team's computers be checked for any foul play. 
After checking the team's computers, it was discovered that one member had the ability to instantly stop movement on target by means of pushing 2 buttons on his mouse. The player later denied that he knew or used this ability. On discovery of this ability, the player told the spectators, which included the team captain, that he would remove the function.

The Team in Question was Anteria Gaming's Elusive Team and the player in question was Spyboticer.  It was concluded that none of the team players, or any other Anteria Gaming members, had any knowledge of this or was in line with any misconduct. The team was obviously extremely displeased as they were well on their way to finals and worked hard for the title. 

The verdict:
It was decided that Spyboticer had to leave the venue and the team was disqualified from the event. 

REQUEST:  Please ensure that all macros and key bindings are disabled and removed before an event to avoid situations where your, or your team's, integrity could be compromised!



It is always fun to get out and meet the other serious eSport players we mostly only see meet online. In addition new friendships are forged and secrets are shared.
The event was a huge success and most of the teams, players and visitors had only goods things to say. 

In going forward, the events will be bigger, better and more fun! 

We hope to see at the next GEEL in 2016!







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