1.    The AxE Gaming hosts the Gauntlet Evolution eSport LAN reserves all rights

2.    Once Registered access and parking at Emperors Palace is Free.
       Age restriction to the LAN is 16, unless parents provides signed consent and  are on site to supervise

3.    There is space to put bedding down for rest. There are, however, no beds available. Sleeping Bags, Blankets and Pillows suggested.

4.    We have made provision for 50 spectators for access to the LAN area only. The 50 Spectators can gain access by paying a fee of R50. This includes team sponsors or family members.
       This measure is to restrict the amount of additional people in and around the computers.

5.    Only paid up entries will gain access to the LAN area.

6.    There will be kiosk available at the entrance to the venue for drinks and coffee. Restaurants and shops are available around the venue area.
       Ensure you have cash available for purchases.

7.    We might have spot prizes and giveaways as required.

8.    Please make sure you read and understand the indemnity. AXE Gaming reserves all rights. Please ensure your best behaviour and adhere to all the rules.
       There will be no tolerance for misbehaviour. Everyone should enjoy the LAN together. This includes threatening or abusive verbal or physical behaviour.
       Any action or reaction that is aggressive or destructive in nature.
       Any non-compliance to any rules. A member that does not adhere to these rules will be escorted off site, and the team of that member will have a choice to continue with 4 players or forfeit.

9.    5 member teams will challenge and compete together. Minimum amount of players to be able to compete at any time is 4. The penalty of one less member is for the team to carry and the                        challenge will apply as normal. If team        members forfeit due to behaviour or misconduct the whole team will be disqualified.

10.  No entries are refundable.

11.  NO food or beverages will be allowed in the LAN area. Please ensure the venue stays clean at all times. Closedable and sealable bottles with a sealable outlet might be allowed on approval.

12.  Any published schedules is a guideline only. The times may differ.

13.  Please ensure you have an updated ANTI VIRUS program on your PC. All PC’s will be checked.
      AXE Gaming reserves all right to check the content of your programs, background programs and files at any time.

14.  Please ensure all your PC software is up to date. No updates or downloads are allowed at the LAN, as this might interfere with the competition

15.  Please no screens bigger than 27” and no external speakers

16.  No plugs available for equipment or chargers other than PC – USB only. 1 Plug per PC available. 

17.  There will be servers on site as required. No background FPS programs are allowed.

18.  No Macros will be allowed during the Competition for rapid fire. Points will be withdrawn for each use of macros in this regard.
       Macro buttons to assist in movement and key bindings are allowed but no multiple key bindings allowed per key. No QUICK SCOPE MACROS ALLOWED!!!

19.  Each team will sit together in a line. Each person will have a dedicated IP Address.

20.  Please read the Indemnity. AXE Gaming reserves all rights.

21.  HAVE FUN and BE prepared for an AWESOME event!

22.  Arrival times at the venue are after 17H00 on Friday please. Due to the access availability, setup and testing will only start at 17:00 hours.

23. The competition is scheduled to start at 8 AM on Saturday morning. Please ensure your PC is connected and working by 7AM. The event will not be delayed due to individual connection or other             challenges.

24.  Please Bring your own LAN Cable! LAN Cables will be available and provided as backups to cable failure. We will not take responsibility for a player’s inability to connect.
       The AxE Gaming team provide the required infrastructure and connections, but will not be liable for connection between computers and the network.

25.  AxE gaming, Emperors Palace and any affiliates does not and will not take responsibility for any damage or loss of any equipment, personal effects or items.
       We will, however, do our utmost to ensure a clean, safe and controlled environment.



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